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February 23 2017

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February 17 2017

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You can play chess with Messenger. Type @fbchess play and send the text. A chess game will pop up that you can play with your friend. Need help? Type @fbchess help and a message will pop up with a rundown on the game
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February 15 2017

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Update after crash ;)

Dear Soup friends,

We had a big database crash, and the backups we had were corrupted.
The only working backup was from 2015.
We are working hard on getting some data out of the crashed database.

Please be patient!
Your Team

Hallo Soup Freunde!

Wir hatten einen großen Datenbanken crash, und die Backups, die wir hatten waren Korrupt.
Das einzig funktionierende Backup war von 2015.
Wir arbeiten hart daran noch Daten aus der gecrashten Datenbank heraus zu bekommen.

Bitte bleibt geduldig!
Dein Team
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July 05 2015

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July 04 2015

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"I stand at the window and I look at the sea
And I am what I am, and what will be will be
I stand at the window and I look at the sea
And I make me a pot of opium tea"

July 02 2015

June 29 2015

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